5 Ways to Avoid Resolution Failure in 2018

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Stop! Before you make any resolutions in 2018, get these 5 tips for avoiding resolution failure. Make changes really stick and keep motivation going. See how! | StupidEasyPaleo.com

) 5) Choose a theme instead. Understanding how you respond to internal and external expectations is a game-changer. We?re all different. Yes, that means throwing out the way you?ve been doing New Year?s Resolutions?and doing them damn better.Since we?re hurtling toward January 1 at warp speed, I?m here with 5 ways to avoid resolution failure in 2018. 5 Ways to Avoid Resolution Failure 1) Swap outcome for process. Avoiding resolution failure means being able to MOVE ON if you make an ?off-plan? choice. You try to work out alone. I?ve got quite the history with resolutions. Nobody wants to hear this.? I disagree. Here?s an example: Every January, you promise yourself that you?ll go to the gym 3 times a week.) Instead, the most motivated people are the ones who are intrinsically motivated and clearly aligned to a purpose outside themselves. Not exactly healthy. Purpose is essential for avoiding resolution failure. Um, what happens if and when you reach the goal? You either have to maintain it or move the goalposts. You?d?think that making a New Year?s Resolution would be synonymous with understanding why it matters to you? ?but time and time again, most people I ask can?t answer the question, ?Why are you doing this?? And among the ones that can, a simple majority cite reasons that boil down to fear: I hate my body, my thighs are gross (that was mine), he?ll leave me if I don?t do this, they?re judging me, etc. But you?re wired to follow through on external expectations. Logically you know this. But then, something happened. I?m not ?strict? paleo like I was back in those days but I found a way of eating that worked for me, was sustainable, and finally helped me feel better than I had in years. Don?t fall into the trap of overanalyzing everything that you?re putting in your mouth, doing or not doing to your body. A thoughtfully chosen theme can help you avoid resolution failure. In 2016, mine was ?Connect??a reminder to put myself out there more pitching mound swing trainer training batting mat and build relationships despite my introverted nature. At first, it felt like every other resolution I?d ever made. When you take the 30,000 foot view, you give yourself space to make mistakes. Set a positive intention instead of a do-or-die promise. So tell me, what?s your 2018 theme? Let me know in the comments! Pin this post for later!. And going. It?s way less rigid than a resolution and tends to be far more positive and hopeful because it sets an intention. And when the scale weight doesn?t go down quick enough or ? heaven forbid ? it stalls or climbs, your self-worth is shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. But it?s not. Look, I don?t make New Year?s Resolutions anymore ? that?s my personal take on it ? but far be it from me to tell you what?s right for you. And in a way, themes are like everything I?ve talked about so far rolled into one. And then, I?d inevitably fail at meeting said lofty goal, feel crappy about my lack of follow through, and then use that as proof of the shit, unlovable, rotten-to-the-core human that I really was. Zoom out and take the big picture view from time to time. The most flexible, resilient people I know are able to vacillate between living in the moment and recognizing that one moment is just that. Let?s say that you ignore #1 above and set a goal to lose 25 pounds. I?m not saying that knowing your tendency will result in unicorns and rainbows. But in my experience, it?s pretty illuminating?and helps you make small shifts in your choices that add up big. When the 10th of January 2010 rolled around ? just checked?it was a Sunday ? I took a big-ass trash bag and cleared out my pantry and fridge. It takes the pressure off making perfect decisions every single day and helps you realize that you?re in this lifelong relationship with your body. Figure out how you respond to internal and external expectations. Every single January, I?d make some lofty, grand, sweeping gesture? ?proclaiming to the Universe the kind of person I was finally going to become. 3) Get clear about why. In fact, this is one of the first things I have my clients figure out when we start working together. I kept going. The third way to avoid resolution failure ? though arguably the most important ? is to get crystal clear about why you?re making it. Everyone and their brother is bound to be talking about why New Year?s Resolutions suck or, conversely, why they?re the key to your success, happiness, lifelong achievement, and good hair. Secretly, you envy Jen and wonder why she?s such a good, worthy, disciplined person. Get clear about why you?re making change. And by the end of the month, you peter out and barely go once. This could be putting something green on your plate today, getting to bed before 10 pm, or putting on your sneakers and walking around the block. O! The chance to finally prove my worthiness, if only I could stick it out past the first couple weeks. For 2017, I chose ?Dare? to help me get out of my comfort zone more often. This goes far beyond the carrot or stick approach, the old reward versus punishment debate. It?s not the outcome that gets you there, it?s your commitment to the process. . (It?s the most common tendency. What you do over the long run matters most. That being said, , and there are strategies for making your resolutions actually work. Your friend Jen, on the other hand, dutifully goes 3 times a week no problem. There?s a zillion blog posts about this. There?s no hard and fast rule, but I?d recommend a word or phrase that guides you through making tough choices. If you want to dive into purpose even deeper, get Simon Sinek?s book,?. Yes, life is lived in the day-to-day, but it?s helpful to have a big picture birds eye view of the situation, too.? It was just another notch in the belt of New Year?s commitments that I?d excitedly make?everything from giving up meat (2007, maybe?) to losing the 10 pounds that I thought would make me fucking happy (every year, in perpetuity). And for 2018, my theme is ?Grace and Space??a reminder to slow down often and be more present. You inevitably expect that reaching this goal will be fast and linear (the scale only ever going down). Okay, you might think that the trend of choosing a theme for the upcoming year is totally pass?, but hear me out. Full of optimism and vigor and huzzah, poised on a knife edge to fizzle out quicker than a firework. And here we are, nearly 8 years later. But then in?January 2010, I resolved to ?go paleo. In conclusion, New Year?s Resolutions as we tend to make them are pretty useless? ?but if you?re set on making some this year, I hope these tips will help you craft better, more useful commitments to yourself. What made the difference? What about my 2010 proclamation helped me avoid resolution failure? I realize, looking back, that I incorporated most of these strategies I?m sharing below. is a framework by Gretchen Rubin, and it?s extremely illuminating when it comes to avoiding resolution failure and figuring out how you (and others) function regarding expectations. Now, there are definitely some trends that should die forever ? planking, anyone? ? but for me, the yearly theme will live on. (Both are poor at spurring , by the way. When you set the goal of losing 25 pounds, that?s the outcome you desire. But then you take the quiz and figure out that you?re an Obliger. You go to a big box gym where nobody knows or talks to you. But the way you?ve been taught to set them is all backwards. 4) Know your Tendency. Sorry, Charlie, but that means continuing to make good choices a majority of the time for the rest of your life. (And for the record, when I started paleo in 2010, the biggest process goal I stuck to was weekly meal planning.) Avoid resolution failure by swapping outcome (25 pound weight loss) for process, what you commit to doing every day to get yourself there. I chucked out boxes of cereal, tins of black beans, and everything that wasn?t on the giant list of paleo ?yes? foods that I?d found. Being accountable to Jen ? your new workout buddy ? makes all the difference, and going three times a week becomes something you look forward to. So on January 1, instead of the old chestnut of ?I?m finally going to lose those 10 pounds? (again) here?s what to do instead. , the most powerful meal planning program on the planet!) 2) Take the 30,000 foot view. I know. (And if you?re wondering, I?m an Upholder. So you make plans to work out with Jen next week. And going. For best results, remember to: Focus on the process, not the outcome.? Goals matter to some extent.) Suddenly it all makes sense. People assume that negative motivators, things that are really painful, will help them follow through on their resolutions?because humans are wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. A theme isn?t all-or-nothing thing like resolutions tend to be?it?s not a pass / fail test. I said this to someone once, and their response was, ?Wow, that?s depressing. (I know because I played this game of voluntary torture with myself for years. Take the ?I want to lose ___ pounds? weight loss goal and forget about it. ?But Steph,? you?re protesting right now, ?everyone keeps telling me goals are the holy grail

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